Welcome to the new "Other Media" section of my page! Here is where you'll find my animated and interactive work! I hope you like it!


Not a complete animation, but a bit of a test of new models and new clothes in motion and maybe more importantly, proof that I've not fallen off the planet. I hope you like it!
Windows Media (Divx, 10mb)
I tried Quicktime but I couldn't get the sound to encode right. Sorry!

At long last, I present "Project X!" Enormous amounts of time were misspent working on this animation but at least I got it done. Enjoy!
Windows Media (Divx, 40mb)
Quicktime coming soon I hope!

Portia doing push-ups in her bed room! 2.5 megabytes.

Portia walking. The first real animation.

The initial 3d teaser of Portia

Dress-Up Dolls:

Antoinette's dress up doll.

Shalena's dress-up doll.

Dr Erica's dress-up doll.

The original Portia dress-up doll.

The new Portia dress-up doll: a work in progress.