Simba, Kiara and Kovu

Kovu hogged down on Kiara's face, his tounge slipping inside of Kiara's open mouth.

They were inside the cave where Scar had slept during his reign as King and they knew the pride was out hunting and would be back later that night, giving them plenty of privacy.

They had just fucked with eachother for three hours straight the previous day. They knew also that they wanted to repay Simba for teaching them how to make love properly, but Kiara just couldn't wait to make love with Kovu again, so here they were again.

"OOHHH KOVU.....!!!" Kiara cried as she felt Kovu mount her and Kovu started forcing his lionhood inside her. Kovu breathed hard. His dick was hard, and Kiara was tightening around him, but it felt so good! He could feel the cum and primal instincts building up within him but he struggled to keep control of himself.

Outside the cave Simba was walking by, he had just come back from the hunt early, and he was just about ready to find a cool spot in the shade when he heard a series of moans and groans coming from Scar's Cave. He instantly reconized both of the lions who were having sex by the sounds they made.

"That's what it takes to bring forth new life in this world." Simba thought to himself.

He was very bored however with how his day had gone.

"Being King all the time doesn't have enough fun points." Simba thought to himself.

"I've worked hard to keep things in order yet I don't get enough time for myself now. Maybe since I've turned in early I should have some fun." Simba grinned to no one.

So Simba headed up toward the cave.

"Ah...Ah Ahhhh..." Kiara gasped to catch her breath as she stuggled to support herself under Kovu's weight.

Simba peaked inside the cave and he saw that Kovu had mounted Kiara and was forcing his dick in her very visable ass.

"He must be very horny to be doing it at that pace." Simba thought.

Simba stayed quiet and crept inside the cave, making sure that Kovu or Kiara didn't see him until just the right oppertunity.

Kiara was screaming with pleasure at this point, her fur was soaked with sweat and her backside was being rubbed against by Kovu's fur. She could feel an orgasm beging to form inside her and she tried her best to hold it in.

Kovu clenched his teeth as he forced his way inside his lover. Kiara's asshole was tightening around his dick and it made him cringe but it also heighted his sense of reality and made his body heat rise and sweat started dripping from his mane. He knew he was about to cum but kept fighting it back as he continued to push himself inside her.

All of a sudden he felt something nawing at his tail.

Kovu then looked behind him, and saw that it was Simba. He had the tip of his tail inside his mouth.

"SIMBA!" Kovu cried. He stopped forcing himself inside Kiara.

"Daddy....oh...hi....." Kiara said in a low voice.

"I wish I could take a picture of this..." Simba grinned as he released Kovu's tail from his clenched teeth. He then went behind Kovu and licked his bluging balls and continued up his rear into his hole and surrounding flesh.

"Uh...." Kovu said with his eyes wide open as he shivered from Simba's tounge.

"Daddy...." Kiara watched in amazement.

"Don't worry Kiara, he's all yours, but for now both of you are mine." Simba grinned.

With that Simba mounted Kovu, Kovu was still inside Kiara, but he was surprised by this motion.

Simba placed his dick right before Kovu's ass and felt all around Kovu's chest area as he gained a full grip on Kovu mane. To Kovu Simba felt very warm against his back and he could feel his awaiting dick ready to fuck him again. Now he wanted Simba inside him more then ever once again.

Kiara shuddered against the added weight of Kovu and her father.

After giving them a moment to adjust, Simba slowly forced his way inside of Kovu, they both cringed as they felt one another. Simba gave him a moment to ease into it and his ass to tighten around him. He grabbed Kovu's mane for support and then he started pumping.

"Ohhh..." Kovu groaned as he felt Simba start moving his dick in and out of his ass. Kovu started breathing hard again and he started moving in on Kiara again.

Simba felt that Kovu was ready to blow, and he wanted to see Kiara bursting at the seems when it happened.

"Come on Kovu fuck her." Simba urged him on.

Kovu then began to pump her faster and faster, and Kiara cried out as she felt her ass hold Kovu's cock.

"AHHHHHHHH!!" Kiara cried in the searing heat of pleasure. Tears of pure joy were running down from her eyes.

"GOD THAT FEELS GOOD!!" Kiara thought to herself.

Kovu then exploded inside of Kiara again. Moving very fast in and out he sprayed his seed, he kringed with satisfaction and gasped for air as he felt stuffed between the two lions.

Kiara eventually moved off of Kovu's dick and laid down for a moment. However she wanted to see what her father was going to do so, she gathered the strength and laid down where she could watch them go.

"Good, now it's your turn." Simba groaned as he felt Kovu tighten around his dick.

Simba gave Kovu time to find his balance so that he could support his weight and Simba grabbed hold of Kovu mane with one paw and he used the other to feel down his furry exterorer and right to his dick. He massaged it and let the rest of Kovu seed expell from it. Kovu groaned a bit at this action.

Then Simba hung on to Kovu with both paws and started humping him. They both roared with delight at the amount of contact they had. Simba allowed himself to rub against Kovu's back, it generated a lot of intense heat between the two and Kovu started to sweat from every gland due to holding Simba up and enduring his fury and soft mass.

Kiara was amazed by what she was seeing. They seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

"Oh SIMBA..!" Kovu roared as he felt Simba explode inside him shooting his seed inside his ass. After enjoying the fuck they had together. They both settled down for a rest. Gathering energy for their next encounter.

Simba laid down on the cave floor and breathed a sigh of relief, Kovu also did the same.

"Wow you two can really go!" Kiara said.

"Well, thanks." Simba replied.

After a few more moments of rest Kiara felt ready to go again. This time she wanted her father.

She got up and walked over to Simba.

"So you want to show me some of your new skills?" Simba asked.

"Well sure daddy." Kiara answered.

"Well let me have a taste." Simba asked.

Kiara then walked right above her father position her muff right over his face, she then crouched, sitting her butt down on Simba's mane and giving him full axcess to her muff.

Simba eargly started licking his daughters muff, and Kiara started breathing into the air as she felt the tickle of his tounge. Her fur tensed up as he continued and she wasn't willing to try and hold her juices in this time, she wanted to cum as soon as she could.

"Oh...Oh...Oh..." She moaned in motion as her fathered continued to taste her with his tounge. After a few moments more she came, spaying her aoroma across her father's face.

Kiara gasped as she finished cumming and then slowly got up and moved backwards until she could softly lie her elegant body across her fathers. She colapsed before she could softly lie down on him, and Simba caught her with his paws wide open.

"Ofh.." Simba said as she landed on him. Kiara snuggled close on her father's red mane. He moved his legs so that her stomach was on his dick.

Kiara felt very warm lying against her father and she wanted to show him all the tounge tricks she had learned. She also felt his dick growing and throbbing under her. "I'll get to you soon." she thought.

She then clawed her father's chest lightly with her paws, and felt him tense up, she pulled herself toward her father's face and began to lick him on the muzzle.

Feeling the wetness of his daughter's tounge Simba pulled her closer to him with his paws, their warm exteriors rubbing against one another. He then opened his jaw wide, and let Kiara take hold of him.

Kiara shoved her tounge inside Simba's mouth, it felt hot inside and she began to feel all the sharp edges of his teeth with her tounge. She then opened her jaw as wide as she could and they both enclosed on each other. Their tounges and liquids being exchanged. Kiara continued to feel all around Simba's lower body with her paws.

Enjoying the amount of contact he was having with his daughter, Simba wraped one of his paws around her head and pulled her closer, now he was shoving his tounge in her mouth and he was almost able to feel the back of her throat with it. He could barely feel her toncils, this made Kiara gag a bit but she continued to allow him access to her. The kiss last a total of ten minutes, each took a few seconds break to catch their breath.

When they finally released, they rested for five minutes just to get ready again.

Kovu was almost done recouperating by this time and he felt ready to cum some more. He had been watching Kiara & Simba for the whole time, and he was really liking what he saw.

Kiara after a few moments rest began to lick and move slowly down her father's body. Snuggling against him all the way down. Simba shivered as she did this, getting his fur wet with salvia and feeling his lower body with her paws made his dick grow stronger.

When Kiara came in contact with his dick she began to suck and feel her father react to her love making.

"Ohh..." Simba moaned.

"You taste better this time around dad." Kiara said.

Simba was at this point to psyched up with pleasure to answer.

Kiara then wanted to try a new sex position. So she got up and nuzzled her father's face once again, and then turned around so that he was lying on the ground in back of her.

Seeing what she was about to do, Simba moved his hind legs out of the way as best he could.

With that Kiara crouched and guided herself onto her father's lionhood, his was somewhat larger than Kovu's so she eased into it slowly, they both clentched their teeth and groaned when they made contact.

Seeing this action gave Kovu an idea.

Before Kiara could start moving up and down on Simba, Kovu got up and walked right in front of Kiara.

"Kovu....?" Kiara said as she was confused about what he was about to do.

Kovu then pounced on her with all fours, pushing her back onto her father.

"Ouch!" Simba cried as he caught Kiara, his dick still within her.

Kovu was no halfway on top of Kiara, exerting his weight down on the both of them. Simba struggled to adjust to this weight.

"Sorry Kiara, Simba, but I thought that this might be much more fun." Kovu apologized.

Simba then got the idea, and held his daughter firmly with his paws. Kiara was clueless as to what was about to happen, but she wanted to find out.

Kovu then moved on top of the pile, sandwitching Kiara in the center of the two of them. With his fore paws on Kiara's chest, he guided his dick into Kiara's ass already filled with Simba's dick. It was hard to find a way in, it took a few tries but he too penetrated Kiara.

Kiara groaned with pain, she could instantly feel two lions inside her at one time. It hurt and pleased her at the same time. Kiara held on to Kovu's mane for support about what they both were going to do.

Simba eargly used his paws to push Kiara down on his shaft. And felt her come alive on top of him. At the same time Kovu grabbing onto Kiara's fur he shoved his way inside her, instantly feeling the sensation to cum, but kept it in for a little longer.

They all moaned together with each motion. Soon Kovu and Simba let their seed out and they both jerked a bit, digging their claws into Kiara's flesh and leaving a few marks.

"God that felt good!" Both Simba and Kovu thought as the came.

Kiara at this point couldn't handle having two lions inside her and begged for Kovu to get out. Kovu did as she asked, slowley letting himself out. Simba did the same once Kovu left and he let Kiara off of him so that she could take a break on the floor.

Kovu who was still yearning for some action out of Kiara, put his head between her hind legs so that he was close to her muff.

"Be gentle Kovu." Kiara said, exhuasted, urging her love not to go to hard on her.

Kiara felt hot and stinky from all of the action she was recieving and she felt that it was time for a break at least. She breathed hard, getting the fresh cool breeze from the cave opening into her lungs as she rested on the hard cool floor of the cave.

Kovu nibbled on her muff lightly, sucking up whatever juices she had left.

Simba took a break as well, feeling very good about having a day of sex. It had been a very long time since he had a threesome. But this was the first time he had a threesome with his species. The only times he had a threesome, were with Timon and Pumbaa in the Jungle when he was growing up.

"Boy they showed me more then different ways to eat grubs." Simba thought.

After a few more moments of break time, Simba felt ready to go again. Kiara still needed some more rest, since she was a lioness and was smaller, thus she had less stamina. Simba then turned his attention to Kovu.

Kovu was still licking on Kiara when he heard Simba call him.

"Hey Kovu!" Simba called.

Kovu looked at Simba who was heading over to the otherside of the cave and he motion for him to follow.

"Hey Kovu! Make him proud of you." Kiara said.

"I sure will, or he'll banish me again." Kovu chuckled as he got up and followed Simba.

"Why don't you show me what you've learned." Simba said as he laid down on his back.

"Where should I start?" Kovu asked as he walked over top of Simba.

"I'll be totally submissive from this point on. Your in control." Simba told him with a grin on his face.

Kovu immediantly knew where he wanted to go first.

"OK." Kovu smiled at him.

Kovu then laid his entire body down on Simba's. He let Simba adjust to his weight and move into a position that provided the fullest contact between them.

Kovu's dick was resting on Simba's stomach.

With that Kovu locked his muzzle with Simba's and each closed their eyes, taking in their tastes and smell. Kovu grabbed the back of Simba's head and motion him to come closer.

Kovu then dove his tongue into Simba's hot mouth, feeling his teeth and tongue and Simba did the same to him. They exchanged their juices for several minutes. After this Kovu released Simba and started licking his neck and large chest and he russled his paws through Simba's mane. His tongue picked up loose hair as he continued to work his way down, allowing his body to rub against his. He licked all the way down to his dick where he started to suckle it and felt Simba come alive and he moaned as he put the whole thing in his mouth.

"OOoooh Kovu...." Simba moaned.

Kovu sucked on Simba for a minute and stopped before he was about to cum. He then got up and walked right up to Simba's mouth again and gave him a little lick, he then moved right over top of his head and crouched his hind legs, giving Simba full access to his dick.

Simba eargly took in Kovu's lionhood and began to suckle away at it. He put the whole thing in and guided it to the back of throat attempting to put as much feeling into Kovu's nervous system as possible. He eased into it with his teeth but careful not to bite down to hard. This made Kovu moaned and groan

"Ooooooooo....Simba......aaaahhhhhhh...." Kovu groaned as he felt the cum from his balls go into his dick.

Before he could release his seed, Kovu moved out. Heading Back down toward Simba's lower body kissing Simba's again on the way back.

This time Kovu set his ass down right on Simba's dick.

Simba really liked what he was seeing. He saw the look of pure pain and joy on Kovu's face as they both made contact. He jerked with pleasure as he felt Kovu's insides around his dick.

Kovu breathed hard as he began to tighten around Simba's dick.

"Ready?" Kovu asked.

Simba nodded with a smile.

Kovu then began to bob up and down on Simba. They both moaned to the heavens as they continued to fuck. Simba wanted more and fought to keep it in, but the amount of pleasure he had while having sex with Kovu was overwhelming and he couldn't hold it in any longer. He then exploded, his cum shooting inside Kovu once again.


Kovu replied the jesture with "ROOOOARRRRRRRRRR" as he felt Simba cum.

When Simba stopped jerking, Kovu slowly eased off of him, but he wasn't down yet.

Kovu guided his now erect dick into Simba's ass. Simba moved his hind legs aside and allowed Kovu to move inside him.

Simba tensed up as he felt Kovu's mass move inside him. Kovu clenched his teeth and dove in deeper.

Simba moaned and bit down on his lip as they continued the process.

When he was all the way inside Simba, Kovu then began to move in and out of him at an alarming rate. It felt good too. He put his paws on Simba's stomach and grabbed hold of him and began thrusting himself inside of him. They were both hot and sweating from every pore and gland on their fur but they still wanted more of each other.

With every motion that Kovu made he could feel himself give way, but fought to keep himself together, just so that he could be inside Simba a few moments longer. Within five minutes of being connected with one another Kovu came in Simba, spaying his seed all over his intestines.

Kovu then eased out of Simba and went back over to Kiara for a rest.

Simba felt hot sweaty and exhausted. It had been a good day for fucking his own daughter and son in law, but at that point he was about ready to call it a day.

After a fifteen minute rest, Simba got up and headed for the cave exit. He saw that Kiara and Kovu were going for another round.

"Have fun kids, I got to go see the rest of the pride before the end of the day." Simba told them as he headed out.

"Bye, and Thanks!" Kovu and Kiara replied.

"Well we didn't need to surprise him." Kovu said as he began to mount Kiara once again.

"Yeah. Well what do you wanna do after this?" Kiara asked getting ready to take her lover inside of her again.

"Well....Ahhhh...We....Could....Ohhh....Fuck....Vitani...." Kovu managed to say as he shoved his dick inside Kiara's ass.

"Great....Idea!!" Kiara replied.

End of Chapter Ten