A Day In The Hot Spring

Here Are We In The Savannah On A Day Of This Sunny And Hot Day Of This And Hot Day, There We Find The Pride Of Simba Who Is On It's Very Hottest Day.

- Oh I'm Feeling So Hot, I Need To Do Something About This Maybe Nala Can Help Me, I Want To Do It I Feel So Hot.-

And Then Simba Started Looking For Nala, Then He Find Her Whit His Daughter Kiara …

- Oh No There Is Kiara…. What Should I Do?.. I Want To Fuck Nala But…… Hey Maybe We Can Make A Trio….. But If I Mean Something About This To Nala Without Notifying Kiara …. Mmmm…..-
- Hello Daddy How Are You? Are You All right?.-
- Hello K….. Ki ….. Kiara ….. I'm Fine Thanks…..-
- Why Are You So Nervous Simba?.-
- Oh It's Nothing Kiara Don't Worry About That, Where Is Your Mother?.-
- I'm Right Here My Darling Simba, What's Up What's Happening To You Simba.?-
- Uhh …..Well You Know Maybe It Is Happening To You Two.-
- Ohh….. That Well Yes I Now Will Started To Looking For You, But You Came In A Good Time.-
- Do You Think That, And What About Kiara.?.-
- She?….. Umm Well You Know Maybe She Can…..-
- Participate In This!……Nala……That's The Same Idea I Had.-
- ……Well What Are We Waiting For?.-
- But What About Kiara?.-
- Well Why Don't You Go And Tell About This To Kiara .-
- Umm……Okay……¡Kiara! .-
- Yes Dad. .-
- Umm…Kiara, I And Your Mother Will Be Little Busy…Uhh…Well Now I Ask To You…You Like To Come Whit Us… If You Like Of Course .-
- Dad You Are Meaning To Me That You And Mom Will Have Sex And You Two Are Inviting Me To Have Se With You?.-
- (Blushed)…Well…Yes…Don't Be Upset Kiara With All It's Happening …… Well I'm Very Hot And Nala Too I Don't Know You…… But I Want To Fuck.-
- Umm…That Don't Are A Bad Idea To Tell You The Truth I Want To Fuck you Simba, I'm Very Hot Too, Yes I Want To Fuck With You And Nala, Simba While Kovu Is Out Of Hunt Maybe I Can Fuck With You Two .-
- Well Kiara If You Want I Fuck You For Me It's Ok But… What About Kovu…. What Will He Say.-
- Oh Don't Worry You Can "Handle" Him You Know What I Mean.-
- Heh, Heh, Kiara You Know I Can Handle Him But You Know I Like To Do It With Both I Like To Have Sex With Males And Females.-
- Umm Simba What Are We Waiting For? I And Kiara Are So Hot I Want To You Fuck Me Now.-

And Then Simba, Nala And Kiara Walked To The Cave Who Belongs To Scar, When They Entered The Light Of The Moon Reached The Cave, Simba Was Getting More Hot And His Member Started To Grow So Slowly.

- Umm … Simba You Look So Handsome At The Moon Light-
- Do You Think That Nala… Wait A Little And See What I Can Do, And You Too Kiara.-
- Well Simba I Don't Wait More Than Two Minutes Ok-
- Ok And What About You Kiara Can You Wait?.-
- Yes But What Will You Do Simba Why Not You Start Fucking Me Or Nala .-
- Ok , Ok , …But I Need To Think In Something .-

Simba Was Thinking What To Do Or Which Who Start First, And He Reached To An Solution, ……

- Well It's What We Do……-

Simba Said To Nala To Drop On Her Back , To Kiara To Put Her Pussy On The Face Of Nala And He Will Lick The Pussy Of Nala While Kiara Sucks His Balls And Dick And Nala Will Lick The Pussy Of Kiara.

After Ten Minutes They Stopped Licking Then Simba Put His Chest On The Chest Of Nala And Started To Fuck Nala While He Kisses Kiara.

Then He Started Thrusting Nala More Harder Then Nala Started To Roar, While Simba Fucks Nala More Harder And Faster Nala Released A Loud Roar.

Then Simba Drops On His Back On The Ground To Rest A Little, Nala Seeing That Stand's Up And Goes Near Simba.

- What's Up Simba That's All?.-
- Oh No I Need To Take A Breath.-
- Then It's My Turn To Fuck You Simba . -
- Well What Are You Waiting For?.-
- Hey Dad And What About Me?.-
- Ohh Come Over Here And Sit Down On My Muzzle.-
- Well I Don't Know Why But It's Ok-

Then They Started Again.

Simba Started To Lick The Kiara's Sweet Pussy To Penetrate Her With The Tongue While Nala Have Fun Whit Simba's Dick Then Kiara Started Mumbling Something So Slowly.

- Whoa My Dad Is Very Good Whit His Tongue, I Want To Know How Good Is Whit That Big And Juicy Cock .-

Nala Was Very Hot And She Will Come Soon, Five Minutes Later Nala Spread All Her Sweet And Hot Juices, When Simba Noticed Stopped Licking Kiara's Pussy, Then He Stand's Up And goes Near Nala.

- Nala Now Is Your Turn To Rest And My Turn To Lick Your Pussy, What Do You Think Kiara Can You Wait?.-
- More… When Will Be My Turn ?.-
- Shhh…Be Quiet, You Will Come Next, Quickly Will Be Your Turn .-
- Ok Dad I'll Watch You Two Maybe I Get More Hot And Ready To Fuck You And Mom .-
- Ok Kiara Look Well Me And Your Mom And Get Ready Your Pussy For My Cock .-
- Ok Simba I Wait And See And Get More Hottest.-

And Then Simba Licks All The Nala's Orgasmic Juices From The Floor To Nala's Pussy, To Her Sweet, Hot, Little And Juicy Pussy.

Then Simba Continued To Lick The Nala's Juices From Her Pussy And Simba Started To Get More Hot And Simba's Dick Grows More Larger And Bigger.

When Kiara Look This She Gets More And More Hot Then She Started To Finger Herself With Her Paw And Explore With It Her Pussy, Then Simba Has Done With Nala, And Have Seen Kiara Finger Herself He Get More Hot And Go Near Kiara Then He Said To She.

- Well Kiara Now It's Your Turn Get Ready Because Here I Come And I Will Fuck You And Trust Me You Will Enjoy It Because I Wanted To Fuck You In The Past.-
- Oh…Dad You Had That Thoughts On The Past…Well…To Tell You The Truth I Wanted That Too, But Now I Can Know How Feels Your Cock In My Little Wet And Warm Pussy.-
- Well Then Get Ready I Now Will Fuck You, Come Over Here And Turn Back, Put Me Your Ass Near My Dick.-

Then Kiara Goes Near Simba's Dick And Show Her Ass She Waited All The Night For This And Now She Will Feel That Big Cock On Her Young And Little Pussy, Then Simba Stand's Up And Goes Near Kiara Ass And Mounted Her, Then Simba Started To Fuck Kiara.

After Another Ten Minutes Simba Feel He Was About To Come, And Finally He Comes, He Cummed All The Pussy Of Kiara, When Kiara Feels The Warm Cum And The Big Shoot Of Cum Who Her Father Gift Her, She Released a Big And Loud Roar.

- Oh Dad You Are So Good I Never Though That You Were So Good .-
- Well Kiara I Told To You To Get Ready No…Well That's Not The Matter, Well You Enjoyed It?.-
- Oh Yes Daddy I Enjoyed It I Wish To Have More .-
- Well Then Come Here Again Kiara That Was Only A Warm Up Now Here Comes The Real Action .-
- Hey Simba Don't Forget Me I'm Still Waiting For That Long Big Juicy And Pink Cock .-
- Ok Nala Only A Little Bit More .-
- Ok Simba But I Don't Be Waiting All The Night .-
- Well Then I Start With Kiara Again And Finish With You I Will Give You A BIG Gift To You .-

Then Simba Mounted Kiara Again But This Time He Thrust Her Ass Hole, Her Little And Tight Black Ass Hole, Simba Started Fucking Kiara, Fucking Her More Harder And Faster Than Before, Kiara Was Feeling She Was In The Heaven, She Thought.

- Whoa I Have Opened The Ivory Gates Of The Big Heaven, Uff…Puff…Puff, My Dad Is Very Smart Strong And Good With That Big Cock .-

After Ten Minutes Simba Drops On His Back To The Ground To Take A Little More Breath, After Two Minute Of Rest Simba Stand's Up And Go With Nala While Kiara Starts To Sleep.

- Hey Nala Are You Ready, Now It's Your Turn, I Want To Fuck You Again, Now I Will Give You That Gift I Promised To You .-
- Well Then What Are We Waiting For Come On Simba Come For My Ass Hole .-
- Then You Want It For Your Ass Hole, Well My Lioness I Go For Your Ass .-

Simba Goes Near Nala's Chest And Looked at Her And He Take His Muzzle To Nala's Pussy And Lick It Then He Take Again His Muzzle To Nala's Ass Hole And Started To Lick It And Penetrated It With The Tongue, While Simba Dick Goes More Larger Bigger And Harder, To The Max.

Then He Stopped Licking Nala Ass Hole And Started To Fuck It, While Simba Was Fucking Nala, Nala Was Emitting Little Roars, And Simba Started To Fuck Her More Harder, Then She Started To Emit A Little More Loud Roars, While She Does That Simba Stopped Fucking Her After Five Minutes.

Then He Aims Nala Pussy With His Dick And Started To Fuck Her Again, After Another Five Minutes Simba Starts To Feel He Comes Again, But He Tensed All His Muscles To Endure The Cum.

Simba Feeling That Started To Fuck More Harder Nala, When She Feels That She Started To Feel She Will Come Too, When She Started To Give Up She Tensed More Than Simba And Tight Her Pussy More.

Simba Noticing That Tensed So More, He Knows That Will Be To Explode Soon, And Nala Will Come Too, After Some Five Minutes Nala Comes And Spread All Her Juices Into Simba's Balls.

After Another Eight Minutes Of Fucking Nala Simba Comes Out, Nala Released A Loud Roar When She Feels The Warm Seed Of Simba.

Simba Spread All His Sperm Into Nala Body And Some Reached To The Muzzle Of Kiara, When She Feels The Warm Cum Wakes Up And See The Big Cock Of Her Father Spreading Cum, Then She Stand's Up And Reaches To Simba And Nala.

- I Have An Idea Mom, Why Not We Lick All The Cum On My Dad Cock .-
- Kiara That's A Big Idea I Want Your Father Sperm In My Mouth .-
- Then Come On Nala And You Too Kiara Come Here And Suck My Testicles .-
- Ok Dad I Start Now I Want To Taste Your Cum In My Mouth .-
- Then Try It Taste It .-

Kiara And Nala Licked All The Cum Of Simba Dick And Kiara Tasted The Flavour Of Her Father's Cum, She Liked It And Started Thinking She Will Do It Again With Her Father, And With Kovu When He Returns To Taste His Cum Too.

When They Have Done They Drops On The Floor All Together And Started To Talk.

- Well Kiara You Enjoyed It?.-
- Yes Dad It Feels So Good I Want To Do It Again, In Another Time.-
- Well As You Wish, And You Nala, You Enjoyed It Too?.-
- Mmmm… Simba I Still Want More But I'm Exhausted, … Well Yes You Make It Better Than Before, I Liked It So Much And Your Gift Too.-
- Well Maybe We Can Make It Again Latter Maybe Tomorrow At The Noon Or Another Time.-
- …Dad….-
- Mmmm…Yes?.
- Can I Lick Your Balls One Last Time?.-
- Ok Kiara But Do It Quickly, I Need To Sleep-
- Thanks Dad I Will Make It So Fast.-

Kiara Licked The Balls Of Simba One Last Time And Rests Her Head Near The Penis Of Simba While Nala Rests Her Head On His Chest, Then Simba Hugs They And Have Said:

- I Love You Two, Have Sweet Dreams.-

And Then They Have Slept All The Night.