Sequell to Kovu's first Antelope:

Kovu and Kiara:

Kovu was making his way back from the Savanna after his encounter with the Antelope. He began to walk up the rocks of pride rock. Cum had got on his coat and he hadnt seen it.

" Hey Kovu" Simba shouted with a grin on his face.

" Heya Simba, whats up" Kovu replied.

"Well, Nala and I have been talking about you and kiara and..."

"dont worry Simba" Kovu huffed.

"you are allowed to go in the yiffing zone, only with us or you friends ok" Simba said grinning.

"Ok Simba.. Thanks I guess" looking at Simba with one eyebrow raised.

Kovu ran down the rock towards Kiara to tell her the news.

"hey Kiara, we can yiff, I can fuck you sily now"Kovu said with sexual strain.

"really, we can, oh my god, Kovu I want you in me for my first time come on lets fuck" Kiara said to Kovu in heat.

They both ran towards the yiffing zone where two guards were standing stopping any cub who wishes to enter.

"hold it you two" the guard growled.

They both stopped in their tracks. 'what' they both thought.

" you need to get yiff tests beforeanybody enters" the guard commanded.

The guards quickly grabbed Kiara and pinned her down on the floor. The guard spread the virgins legs open to smell the scent. The other guard began to lick at the vigin pussy. Kovu went to stop but the guard pushed him to the ground.

Kiaras pussy starts to get wet and Kovu begins to get the scent of it, his Lion cock starts quickly to strech out odf its sheath into to full view of Kiara and the guards.

"wow....Kovu...thats something" Kiara moaned.

He started to rub his shaft up and down at the sight of his mate being pleasured. Kiara there feeling the textured toungue of the random lion licking her pussy.

"Ok" the guard said "you can go through now"

Kiara got up feeling her pussy to see if it all was OK, Kovu ran and helped her.

She looked down at Kovus long Lionhood and craved it to be inside her. They got over the hill.

They found all of their friends fucking each other in everyplace, everyfur was connected even their father and mother were getting it on.

"Hey Niabra, have a good time hetting fucked" Kiara whispered.

The lioness getting pleasured by her lionfriends cock turned around in astonishment.
"Kiara...aahhh yess... what a supppr...ummmm..prise...pound my pussy...." Niabra moaned. Kiara went behind her and watch what its like to be fucked. She sat down and watched her friends pussy get pounded by her Lion cock. In/out/in/out, squelch, splort, blort her friend came into her, his lion juice spurted out of her pussy and splats right on Kiaras lips. She took it in and tasted her friends juices, she liked it and wanted more.

She had to have somebody, so she stuck her butt into the air, lifted her tail and closed her eyes. Kovu walked up behind her to see the jewel that he had been craving for a long time. He got his meat and lubed it with some precome and just before he was going to take her Simba came up to him and winked. Kovu stepped away,Simba steps up to his daughters rear and shows her pussy at her fathers pulsating cock.Simba mounts his daughter with a mighty roar as his shaft penetrates her virgin passage, sliding in massaging both the young lioness pussy and Simbas big Lion cock

"SsWwww...arrhhhhh yeah Kovu thats nice Pump me...FUck me" Kiara moaned with her fathers cock in her.She looked around to see her father in her.

"Dad.dady..mmm..what are you doi...." Kiara shouted.

"Im gonna fuck my daughter, you have such a nice tight pussy, I gonna pound you" Simba gowled.

Simba started to slip in and out feeling the tight walls of her pussy.

"dad... ohhh yeah mmmm fuck me Im your daughter" Kiara moaned as Simbas dick slid in and out.

Kovu was looking at Simba pumping away at the girl he loved only if he could have her. He just wished he could stick his dick inside her and dominate her. While he was thinking Simba called him over.

"go on, fuck her, get underneath and fuck my daughter." Simba moaned.

Kovu didnt argue with him as there were alot of hungry males looking for a spare tailhole. He shuffled under Kiara whating her ample breasts bouncing in his face as her father fucked her. Simba then came out of Kiara's pussy and pressed into her tailhole.

"Daddys going to fuck your little butt now, sweetie" Simba growled at the worried but pleased face. "mmmm...Kovu quickly stick your cock in me so I can have my Lionfriend at the same time as my father... aHhh..Ohhh..mmmm" Kiara shieked as Simba's girth penetrated her. Simba then quickly grabed her paws bringing them behing her and tying them with some ropes.

"Daddy, whh..wh.what are you doing to me" Kiara looked worried. He didnt answer back. He then shouted for Nala. "Honey, tie our babies legs apart, oh and once your done service Kovu and I while we fuck Kiara" Simba said feeling the insides of his daughter with his King Cock.

"Hey Honey, Im gonna tie your legs apart so Daddie can get into you deeper, and Kovu" Nala whispered into Kiara's ear.

Kiara legs now wide apart, Simba stopped thrusting into the dripping tailhole and Kovu stopped in her pussy. Nala nelt down under simba's butt and Kovu's thighs to give all of their sex's a good service. She began by licking all of the hot liquid running down from her pussy onto Kovus cock. "mmm...Kovu that is nice cum and Kiara you really are a sweetie" Nala got back down and began to lap Simba's and Kovu's cock making them tingle from the textured tongue that is running up and down there lengths. Nala works her way into Kiaras pussy with Kovu inside her, Kovu feeling an intruder working both organs, she tried to lick both the sides of Kiaras pussy walls and the head of Kovu's mighty Lion meat. Simba wanted more so he just started to thrust away again. Slap,slap,slap as his balls bounced of her round ass. Kovu started again but he was close, his cock is ready to feed the pussy of his Lioness, it swelled to a bigger size and splort as his load is blown like a jet wash into the pussy of his dreams, so much cum that it started to run out while he was still thrusting into her onto his lap. This brought Kiara to climax aswell, both holes clenched down on the shafts, making the cum seep out of both her holes. Simba then came like a battleship, his seed shot out faster than the speed of sound shot out of her tailhole and into Nalas face as she worked Simbas tailhole. "mm...Daddy...yeahhh..fuck your little daughter, make me cum...ride me...pound me...Cum on Kovu thrust more..shoottt...shooottttt lotsss moooreeeeeee ...aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Simba retracted same with Kovu and looked down at the tied, lion cum drenched daughter. "What do you say Nala" Simba winked, "think we should".

"yeah, definetly" Nala replied to Simba.

Simba turned to Kovu. "Kovu you are going to be the prides yiff slaves for a year, you are to be escorted and tied up where anybody may fuck you, same Kiara, inclusing us of course, they can be of any sex" Simba couldnt wait to get his hands on Kovus Cock.