Kovus First Antelope - by stallionlong

In the hot mid-summer in the pride lands, Kiara was awakening to the beautiful subn that fueled their everyday lives. She walked outside to be greated by the warmth of a summers day and to have a little morning chat before her friends went off hunting. She walked down the rock still half awake.

"hey, you guys!" Kiara said to her golden lioness friends.

"Hi Kiara, Kovu still the same is he" Siabu one of kiaras friends replied.

"yeah, well....huhh he is sixteen now so he needs more *cough* attension which at the moment I cant give"

"why cant you go into the adult area with us and Simba..hhmmm..I mean your father" Siabu questioned.

"its my father, he is still being so protective. Poor Kovu though, a couple of nights ago he tried to mount me quitely so that nobody would hear!...I felt it and gasped, so *huff* my father woke up and before Kovu tried to take my lioness virginity pinned him down and gave him an warning" Kiara said with sorrow.

As all the lioness were chatting to Kiara, Simba and Kovu woke and walked outside to feel the fressness of the day. Kovu had aged, his body had grown muscular and tight, a real sight for the lioness. His mane covered most of his head with a shine in the mid-morning sun.

"Now Kovu, about last night I did not mean to hurt you, but I was just shocked at how you were trying to take my daughter, she is only young 16" Simba said in a serious way.

"yeah, sorry Simba its just im getting urges that..."

"dont worry so am I, Nala is in heat and so..so is Kiara, I can smell it to but for the decency for the other lionesses and lions keep back" Simba butted in.

"I was going to ask you when we could join everybody in the mating area for the first time, she is just so beautiful with her firm golden breasts and buttocks, she is hard to resist" Kovu pleaded.

"I will think about it...hummm... run along now, you need meat and water, we will talk about this to night"

Kovu ran down the rock towards the watering hole, then he smelt Kiara, her scent and aroma intoxiacting the air with ectasy. The smell like no other but did as Simba told him NO!, he continued seeing that he had to pass the Lionnesses, but the scent had forced him to become semi erect, his lionhood was halfway out of its sheath and was clearly visable. He continued and walked passed the lionesses. All of them noticed his erect state, looking down between his muscular legs to see his meat. The all gasped at what Kiara was missing.

"Kiara, are you sure hes not Zebra, hes damn big" Siabu said.

"he is, but if he tries to fuck me them I know my father will kill him" Kiara replied.

When Kovu was out hunting he couldnt stop thinking about his duty, to take his prize... Kiara. Somehow he had to let his urge go...10 minutes later his usual luck had brought down a female antelope (anthro form). He was pleased with his catch but it was something so beautiful but for the mouthes of hungry lions.

"please, no.. do what ever you want but dont kill me *cry*" the antelope pleaded.

"srry bmmm yrrrrmm werrree stddd therrrrr" Kovu muffled with the antelope in his jaw.

"just put me down, I can make you a deal!!!" She pleaded again.

Kovu put the antelope down but keeping her pinned down by her legs. "talk!!"

"I dont know what do you want from me!!" Antelope cried.

Kovu thought of how this female antelope could put his mind at ease, what was his problem, sexual tension! he needed to release on something. A thought quickly a rose to his mind.

"Im going to fuck you!" Kovu grinned.

"what, but your a lion and your big" Antelope replied.

Kovu looked down at the position they were in. He had her legs pinned and spead so her pussy was displayed in frot of him. Kovu pulled her up as he had an Idea. He took his prisoner to a tree and binded her arms and legs with them spead wide. Kovu sat down on the floor and thought to himself what he was doing, his lionhood arose from its sheath the full 14". He saw the atelpoes pussy juices trail down her leg and the heat escaping from the moist slit.

"Ex..excu..excume me mr.Lion but ive never done this, im 14" the antelope wondered happily.

"well nether have I but I know that Im going to enjoy this" Kovu grinned.

He walked over to his prey and bent down, he started to lap her moist pussy with his textured tongue feeling the virging hole. She moaned in the first pleasures of her life.

"hey little fur, you can be my little fuck toy for an hour!!"

"Im young,i dont even masterbate (lie) please.." the antelope moaned as she got lapped.

"ever seen a cock before, well im gonna shove this one in you" Kovu showed her.

He positioned himself before the vigin hole and pushed himself in. She felt the barbs of this teenage lion massaging the insides of her sex. One push sent a wave of pleasure to him as he began to fuck this little antelope girl, 'slap, slap,slap,slap' as his lion meat pounded her.

"mmmm...your tight little honey arent you hhmmmm..." Kovu said pumping her with his cock.

Kovu slip his finger in and out of the little antelope girls tail hole making the experience even more delightful for her. Her jusices lubricating his thick cock making him slip in and out of her more.

"ohhh....yeahh..fuck my virgin pussy...mmmmmmmmmmm.....make me come............aaaaahhh" the antelope shouted as she went into ectasy of her first orgasm. Kovu kept pounding away. His cock being pleasured by the orgasmic clench around his cock practiclallymilking him. She slipped unconcious fom being fucked so hard, Kovu quickened his pace.

"mmm... Kiara...ride me like a zebra....uuuuhhhhhhhhhh...yeah milk me...."

slap,slap,slap,slap,slap as he pounded into the antelope. Delivering his seed to the hungy pussy, spurting it all out. There was so much that it started dripping out onto the floor. He pulled out leaving the girl unconcious. his cock dripping with jices from her and him. Leaving her tied up her walked back with the other two kills that he caught. The ntelope was there for any other male forever.


Next episode:

Does Kovu get Kiara, what about Simba? stay tuned >>>>