Renamon's fist appearace was in the third season of the japanese TV show Digimon. Unlike most of the digital monsters, which were portrayed as the cuddly-bite sized pokemon-likes, Renamon was shown as a close resemblence of an anthromorphic vixen. Her Rookie stage portrayed her as both an intimidating character and as a beatiful female of the species. She still was on the cuddly side, but she had an edge that no other digimon could surpass or even match. Her tamer, Rika, was a angst-ridden teenaged girl who was determined to make Renamon the most powerful Digimon in the world. During the first episodes of the show, Rika would at times treat Renamon in the coldest of ways by referring her as "Data". Ultimetly, her goal was to moake Renamon digivolve, a feat that she could not achieve until her feelings for her partner were shown later in the series.

Still, Rika would deny such feelings, acting as if they were some sort of weakness plaguing her. Renamon on the other hand,would show her loyalty to Rika in every possible way, but could not open up to her completely for the fact that she didn't knew how Rika would see it. I admire the increduible patience and respect this female has portrayed troughout the series, Renamon really showed endurance in both fights and in her private moments with her tamer.

Renamon was voiced by "insert name here", who also contributed voices for othre female digimon in seasons one and two. Her voice fits nicely in the U.S. series, and I am still waiting to see how she sounds like in the Japanese version. Furthermore, there WAS a movie about the third season of Digimon, featureing Renamon and the rest of the cast, but no release has ever been brought to the U.S. market. Yet.

Renamon's other forms include Kyubimon (Champion), a nine-tailed non-anthromprophic fox which powers include Dragonwheel, and Fox-tail Inferno. Taomon (Mega), whose first part of the name means "balance", would defend herself against enemies using mystical moves such as the Talisman Spell, and "Insert move here". Finally, Sakuyamon (Ultimate), whose transformation required the merge between Renamon and Rika, thus giving her a more human look.

Renamon's Rookie -level powers include Diamon Storm, which showers the enemy with shards of ice, and Teleportation, which was never shown on the TV series, but it does in the Playstation game titled "Digimon, Rumble Arena". Whenever Renamon dissapeared from the show, she was actually cloaking herself from view, not teleporting.

Renamon's other appearances include a Gameboy color version of the Digimon game, which was never released in the U.S., and a plush toy, which to date I have yet to see in the shelves of Anime stores in America.

My first glimpse of Renamon was at a local Wal*Mart store, I saw toys of the Third season mounted on a wall, and she was the first who caught my attention. I never bought the toy, unfortunatly, since I did not watched the TV series at the time. When I finally saw the magnicifent fox in tv, it was too late for me to go back to get the toy, it was sold out.

Her eyes where the first thing I noticed about her. It has the same outline as the rest of the Digimon shown in the series, yet they stand out on their own. Ominous and beatiful at the same time. Renamon never seemed the need to express her feelings outloud, one look from her eyes was all that she needed to accomplish her moods towards any situation.

It is too bad that Season 4 doesn't even seem to recognize her, or any other Digimon from the Third season for that manner. A cameo by Renamon would've been something to cherish. Hopefully, if a 5th season is made, we may see more of her. Or at least export the movie that features her over here.

Renamon, like Freya Crescent (Final Fantasy 9), and Krystal (Starfox Adventures), has created a fan-made cult that has grown over the Internet, in the way of fan-art, fan-fictions, and web shrines. She has become the ultimate Digimon among the fans of the series, and could possibly have changed the way anime fans had thought of the TV Show. I was not a fan of the series myself, until I saw a glimpse of the yellow-furred vixen in action. That, and with a darker plot in the series, got me hooked troughout the whole season.

I have contributed with creating one fan-drawing of her, and I may do more in the future, if y skills allow me to make drawings of her justice.



Renamon, Ver. 1

Renamon, Digimon, all images (except for Renamon, Ver. 1, which was drawn by me) are Copyright, Toei Animation. This page is but a shrine to the beloved female Digimon, and was not intended for commercial use or in a negative way at all.


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