Last Modified September 22, 2000
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Constantly! Don't expect this place to be updated on a regular basis, because you're bound to be dissapointed. I have too many other project on the burner now, and this site falls pretty low on the priority food chain.

Site B

Welcome to the second website from E.S. Productions. This will be the place to find old and new artwork, a little bit of animation, and possibly a few surprises. Currently, there's not a lot of stuff here yet, save for a small gallery, but it will be getting bigger and better as it goes. Until things really get rolling, you might have a little more fun at my first site.

The Gallery

the Further Confusion Y2K Con Report

the Anthrocon 2000 Con Report

No con report for Mephit Furmeet is planned this year, not because I didn't have a great time, but because I don't have the time or motivation, and it's too late to start writing now.

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