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Ash Bearfox

Here are some stories by DBJ (note all stories are copyright by me (c) 2,000. You can copy them for yourselves/friends but not commerical use is prohibited.

Xmas story comission

Story comission i did. Straight story with alluded yiff scenes.

Daneil n david

Second commission i did. gay yiff between two lions. reworking some scenes

Pie sex

a diff type of story commission did.

Coyote and Pat

m/f action--This is a simple brief sex afair between coyote and a femme rabbit.

Coyote Story

m/m action--This is a story about coyote and rabbit helping each ohter vent sexual desire.

A Tale of 2 Foxes

m/m/m action -- this is a tale of two foxes and a mouse meeting each other in a bar/restroom....

Camping Trip

m/f/m/f action--This is a story between a femme fox, lion and male rabbit and male lion who are camping out that leads into something more....

First Time

m/m action-- This is a tale of an orgy that occurs between multiple species......

Tom Sawyer cartoon ending

m/m/f/f action-- This is a "rip-off" ending of the MGM cartoon video....

Fantasy 2

m/m action-- Me and Little Snowfox, a dream of a visit

Digimon Tail

m/m action-- This is an adult story of the Fox's Kids anime show between Wargreymon and Weregumon......

Monster Rancher Tail

m/m action-- A adult story of Fox's Kids anime show between Hare and Tiger.....

Fantasy 3

m/m action-- Me and Coyoroo, a dream of a visit

Fantasy 5

m/m/m action-- Me, Coyoroo and Snowfox, a dream of a trip


m/m action--This is a story between a dragon and a fox who are in college.......

Rommates 2

m/m/m action -- This is a continuation of the dragon fox story with a rabbit as well......

Tale of Bunny Love (note work in progress)

m/m/f action-- Tale of a suicidal rabbit who meets a male dog and femme cat......

Ferdinad 2 (work in progress)

m/m/f/f action-- fantasy story of multiple species on a quest.......

Birthday Gift

m/m/f/f action-- Story of multiple species having an orgy.....

Tale of Bunny Love 2 (work in progress)

non-sexual action

Fantasy 7

m/m/f action-- Me, Dinet and Tanya, a dream of a visit

Sonic and Comp

multiple male and female action-- Adult story of Sega's/Archie comic's Sonic the Hedgehog......

Halloween Story

work in progress-Multiple male/female action--Story of an orgy with Bunny Vamps and multiple species....

Abyss of Despair

not really any sex..but ... -- story of me and my online a few of my close online friends...

WP- Suicidal Thoughts...

Thoughts and finding myself again

Digimon Tail 2--

multiple orgy sex with the digimon and baddies ;)

Story I wrote for magus..

this is an orgy story with a herm in it.. my first I've written so.. may not be good.

Story i wrote for a friend

m/m sex -- Yiffypuppy and Dropout playing.

My first story comission

m/f sex -- Silfia and Orion.

Darkness Falls

a rather dark story --work in progress

sequel to story my former mate wrote

Story i wrote for my former mate :)

Chrismas story for a furend

story i wrote as a gift to a furend

me and mate

story i wrote for my former mate

Gay Were Town

story inspired by weretown stories --work in progress

Medival story

story i'm working on. Slightly inspired by foxpaws story.

Romance and lessons

story commission for moldred

Here are stories written by Grekin ^_^ click below to read

Greykin Katspaw stories

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X rated art