Hello! Welcome to my homepage!

I'm in Northern Virginia. I'm a 1987 graduate of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, New York. High school? Yep. Centralia High in Centralia, IL, in 1983. I've had a profound hearing loss since age 5 (born in 1964), and learned to lipread and talk before then. I didn't learn to use sign language til much later.

I know I have few links for other deaf people, but there's many more that can be found on the Web, via the Yahoo link below. Just do a search for deaf, handicap, or disabilit (no y, but it will do a search for disability *AND* disabilities). Let me know if you have other deaf-related links.

I used to run a BBS called the Triv-Atari on an Atari STE with 4 megs, using Transcendence. I not only use the Atari ST computers, but also the IBM systems. I've built my own computers, and my present is an AMD Duron 700. The previous was an AMD K6-233, known as the Mutant Monster K6 from Hell, due to everything hanging out of the case. It's been retired, til I can fix some power-related problems. Someone else gave me a computer, and that's connected via eithernet, using a local proxy.

Those who know me know I have a weird sense of humor that doesn't seem to want to give up. I'm sometimes known to do an unintentional sight gag or physical comedy without even trying. I'll at times include a bit of humor in my costuming and makeup, as seen in the link below. But of course, it runs all over the place. Some excellent links follow by category, while others are broken up into separate links, due to size.

Atari computer-related homepages, emulation, software, and vendors
Deafness-related links
Links to other friends
Halloween, costuming, fursuiting, prosthetics, makeup, and related links

Outrageous On-line Uncle Al
Index of /Humour

Other emulators:
The TRS-80 Home Page
Dave's Video Game Classics (MAME stuff)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):
The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page
The Good Times Virus Hoax FAQ
The Good Times Virus Hoax miniFAQ
Virus Hype Alerts
Even *MORE* FAQs from rtfm.mit.edu!

Junk Email and Spam:
Tim Skirvin homepage including Net Abuse FAQs
Net-Abuse FAQs
Fight Spam on the Internet!

Miscellaneous links:
The Vomitus Maximus Museum - tasteless stuff!
The Speed Trap Registry - Play Where's the Cop?
WWW Virtual Library - Various computing subjects
Yahoo - Helps if you want to find something on the net.
DogPile, another good search engine
Computers, Software, and Internet Resources
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Fil's home page - Lotsa electronic references!
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides

Here's a pic of me. I gotta thank this guy who did this capture at a local hamfest! :-)

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