Tickle Torture

S.M. Wolf

Isabella, Captain Bo and this story © S.M. Wolf and may not be reproduced by any means or hot linked without the permission of the author.  Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or any character is purely coincidental.

During the Herbivore-Carnivore Wars it was common on both sides to give prisoners of war and even captured civilians to returning soldiers or guards as rewards for their services.

Isabella had been captured when a large Herbivore Army raiding party had overrun her outpost.  The black leopardess had been knocked unconscious early in the fighting and missed most of the battle.  When she had awakened she found herself trussed up in the back of a wagon full of prisoners being sent to a Herbivore fortress. Her armor, weapons and even clothing were gone.

Shortly after she had arrived at the large fortress Isabella had been bound bent over a low horse and subjected to a long and often humiliating inspection.  Ostensibly it had been to find any hidden weapons, but the enthusiasm of the rhino bull for probing her sex and tail hole had been unmistakable.  He had enjoyed making her squirm uncontrollably in her bonds as he thrust his fingers deep into her cunt and ass hole.  He had laughed at her incensed roars of indignation and threats of mutilation if she ever got her paws on him.  When he was finally done the smell of his musk and sexual arousal had been unmistakable.

That had been several days ago. Her body at least had recovered from the sometimes heavy pawed handling of the rhino bull, but her ears still burned at the thought of what the rhino male had done to her.

Last night Isabella and the other captives had heard the return of the raiding party that had captured her.  They had apparently done well since many more Carnivore captives were ushered into the dungeon.

This morning had been relatively quiet for Isabella.  The new captives were taken out one by one for their inspections.  Their faces burned when they returned.  The males in particular seemed upset by their rough treatment.  Many curled up in a quivering ball and could not be coaxed to speak.

Around noon the guard’s dispensed slop that was no doubt nutritious but tasted to the Carnivores like the bottom of a chamber pot left to stand for several days.  Isabella craved meat instead of this Herbivore diet, but she was unlikely to get any in this fortress. She had to eat to maintain her strength, so Isabella reluctantly dug into her gruel.

After a couple of spoonfuls Isabella paused in her eating.The two guards serving lunch were standing outside her cell.  Through the heavy bars she could see them whispering.  One snickered and elbowed the other.  They caught sight of her watching them.  Both broke out into broad grins.  As they moved on Isabella just shrugged her shoulders.

After eating Isabella put her bowl down beside a slot in the bars and curled up in a corner.  The cell had no bed and was barely big enough to take three small steps.  After only a few days she was already starting to go stir crazy.  Still, it was likely better than the alternatives.  This appeared to be a temporary holding cell.  If they took her from here there was no telling what might happen to her. It was well known that captured furs on both sides were sold into slavery or worse.

Fitfully Isabella dozed.  Bad thoughts swam through her dreams.

The cell door suddenly opened with a loud clang.  Isabella woke with a start.  The thought of escape flashed across her mind.  She tried to get up quickly and spring past the two guards, but the rhino and the horse grabbed her and slammed her to the ground with ease.  They flipped her over onto her belly and tightly bound her wrists behind her.

“No foolishness now,” the rhino said as the two guards roughly hauled her to her feet.  “We don’t want to hurt you before Captain Bo has a go at you.

“He’d castrate us if you were not in good condition for him!”

The two guards force marched Isabella to a tower room.  The door was made from more heavy steel bars.  Heavy bars also covered the window.  Through the barred window Isabella could see the late autumn afternoon and the brightly colored leaves of the trees.  Winter was only a few weeks at most away, and they likely would be trapped within the fortress with little to do when it came.  Isabella suspected that would be a bad time for the captives. She could well imagine what the rhino holding her would do given the opportunity based upon his “inspection“ of her a few days ago.

More guards appeared.  Two brought in a heavy wooden table and placed it at the far end of the room.  Two more brought in a strange contraption and placed it on top of the table.  It had four metal cuffs on the top of a thick slab of wood that could be moved along the length of the slab by means of metal rods located underneath the slab.

Isabella growled deep in her throat.  She had never been present at any interrogation, but she still recognized a rack when she saw one.

“Nervous, honey?” the stallion asked.  “You better be.

“Be glad Captain Bo just wants you restrained.  There are plenty of us around here who would love to put you on a real rack and stretch that pretty body of yours very, very taut.”

The two who brought in the table walked over to Isabella and her captors.  Isabella tried to fight when the four guards grabbed her, but she was helpless in their strong paws. They lifted her bodily and carried her over to the rack.

Two guards held her legs down and forced them into position.  The cuffs closed around her ankles, and her legs were trapped.  One of the guards cut the ropes around her wrists.  Isabella thrashed wildly, but four guards pressed her down onto the rack while a fifth adjusted the position of the wrist cuffs.  When he nodded the four guards holding Isabella down pulled her arms into place, and the sixth guard closed the wrist cuffs

Isabella was trapped on the rack.

Isabella fully expected the guards to fondle her exposed and trapped body or worse.  She could see the large bulges on the fronts of their males’ pants and smelled their arousal.  They were sexually aroused, and she was fair game or so she thought. Instead they just left without even a backwards glance as soon as they completed securing her.

Isabella sighed and tried to adjust her position to something more comfortable.  She would just have to be thankful she had not been gang raped. Still, it left her wondering what would happen to her and if she would be the guards' plaything later when this Captain Bo was done with her.

The wood of the rack was hard, and her position made it almost impossible to find a comfortable position for her tail.  The leopardess finally settled on running it underneath her buttocks in the crack between her ass cheeks as the best option. At least she was only lightly restrained and could move about a fair amount even if it was impossible for her to get up and escape.

Well over an hour passed.  Isabella was not sure if she was thankful for the delay or not.  Part of her wanted to get whatever was to come over no matter how bad it might be.  The other part kept hoping that she had somehow been forgotten.  She turned her head and watched the progress of the Sun across the sky to mark the passage of time.

The door clanged open.  Into the room strode a large bull dressed in fine armor.

Isabella hissed at the bull and raised her hackles.  She recognized him as the fur who had knocked out and captured her.

“Ah, so you remember me!” Captain Bo said cheerfully.


“Damn you!” the leopardess spat at the bull.

The bull just laughed and began to disrobe.

“That is hardly the way to talk to your captor and companion for the afternoon.  I might think you did not like me!”

“I don’t, you bastard!”

Captain Bo just laughed again.  The bull seemed genuinely amused at her angry epitaphs. Isabella watched as he slipped his pants off.  He had a large sheath and good sized balls.  The pink tip of his shaft was just peaking out of the slit in his sheath.

The talk around the campfires of the natural endowment of Herbivore males and what they did to Carnivore femfurs came rushing back to the leopardess.  It had been easy enough to laugh off the talk back then, but now she was trapped on this rack and at the mercy of this well endowed bull.

Captain Bo saw where the leopardess was looking.  He grinned and asked her, “Like what you see?”

Isabella looked up into Captain Bo’s face and snarled at him.

“I’ll take that as a no,” he said lightly.  He seemed to be completely unruffled at the leopardess’ actions.

“Not that it really matters.  I will do what I want to you regardless of your desires.”

Isabella continued to snarl at the bull as he walked over to her.  His left paw carried a small duffle bag.  He lay it down on the table beside Isabella's right arm and opened it.  She turned her body as best as she could to see what was inside it.

Isabella shrieked in dismay.  There was a large inflatable dildo.  The bull took out it and a small jar of lubricant and placed them between her legs.  Isabella’s attention was so concentrated upon them that she missed the feather in the bag until the bull ran it over the tip of her nose. The tickling caress of the feather's barbs caused her to sneeze.

“It should be very itinerating to see what happens when I tickle you,” Captain Bo said merrily.

Isabella's jaw dropped in dismay. She had never liked being tickled even as a cub and now this bull would tickle her wherever he desired for as long as he wanted. She howled in a mixture of fear, frustration and anger.

For his part the grinning bull was enjoying Isabella’s discomfort. He was playing with her and getting exactly the reaction for which he had hoped.

Captain Bo lay the feather down on the table.  He opened the jar and carefully greased the entire length of the inflatable dildo’s head.  Isabella sat up as best she could to watch the bull's work. She grew steadily more dismayed as the bull's intentions became obvious.

The bull dipped his right index finger into the lubricant and held it up for Isabella to see. it glistened in the bright autumn light streaming in from outside.

“Open wide!”

Isabella tried desperately to avoid the bull’s finger, but he pressed down on her crotch with his left paw and trapped her against the hard wood of the rack.  She roared in dismay and shame as his large finger was inserted deep into her cunt.

"If I ever get loose I am going to use your damn cock for a scratching post!" the leopardess screamed at the bull.

Captain Bo ignored the leopardess’ screams and threats as he carefully and methodically coated the interior of her cunny.  When he was done he withdrew his finger and wiped it on a scrap of cloth taken from inside the duffle bag.

“There!  All done,” Captain Bo said.

“Bastard!” the leopardess growled at him. Her body was soaked in sweat and despite her abhorrence of what the bull had done the scent of her musk was heavy in the air.

“Actually my sire and dam were married for some time before I was born," Captain Bo responded in an unperturbed tone that seem to anger Isabella more than an angry retort from the bull.

“Don’t worry.  I can understand why you might be a bit upset.”

Isabella snorted.  A bit upset did not even begin to express her outrage at this male's treatment of her.

“However, I cannot help but notice that your body at least enjoyed it.

“Did you know that your pussy lips are a beautiful and erotic pink?  Bulls are really turned on by that.  We get most of our sexual cues from cows in heat by sight, not scent.  When I saw your pretty pink lips back when I was stripping you down and searching you for weapons I knew I wanted you for my own.

“I am going to enjoy adding you to my Pleasure Herd when you go on sale in a few days.”

Isabella snarled at the bull.  All of her long, white teeth were exposed, but the bull seemed totally immune to her antics.

“For now, though, I have you for the rest of the day thanks to the Fortress Commander, and I intend to have some fun with you.

“Since you are being so uncooperative, I think I will start with a little torture.”

Isabella suddenly went absolutely still.  She had no love of pain, and she was completely at this herbivore male’s mercy.  There was no telling what he would do to her.

Captain Bo picked up the inflatable dildo in his right paw.  With his left paw he spread her labia wide.  He grinned at Isabella as he slowly inserted the dildo completely into her pussy.

The leopardess gritted her teeth and glared up at the bull.  She would not give him the satisfaction of complaining about this indignity at his paws. At least the dildo was small enough not to hurt going in.  There was no telling how much he would inflate it, though.

Captain Bo smiled down at the black leopardess.  He liked her spunk.  Her obvious anger and resistance just added spice to this assignation.

The bull drew the edge of the feather across Isabella’s nostrils.  When she opened her mouth to snap at the feather, Captain Bo gave the inflatable dildo’s bulb several quick pumps.  Isabella’s face contorted, and she screamed as she felt the walls of her vagina suddenly pushed apart.

As quickly as the pressure mounted it disappeared as Captain Bo deflated the dildo.

“Damn you!” Isabella roared.

“I think we will have to teach you some manners, young lady, if you are going to be part of my Pleasure Herd.”

Fear crossed Isabella’s face.

Captain Bo began to rhythmically pump and vent the dildo buried deep in Isabella’s sex.  Soon her snatch was dripping wet, and she was writhing in sexual frustration as the bull kept building her sexual arousal while keeping her just below the threshold of a desperately desired orgasm.

When he was certain that Isabella's attention was fully concentrated upon the throbbing dildo in her pussy, Captain Bo took the feather and began to run the tip over Isabella’s engorged tits.  She shrieked at the fresh assault on her now hypersensitive body.  Desperately she arched her back trying to avoid the tickling of her tits, but the feather followed her tit no matter how much Isabella thrashed about.

Captain Bo looked up and down the entire length of the young leopardess’ body as she contorted under his ministrations.  His cock slipped from its sheath and lay on the table.  He was not fully erect yet, but that would come soon. He had other plans for now.

The bull’s questing eyes eventually settled upon the bright pink lips of her cunt.  Her outer labia were puffy and standing proud of her deep black fur.  The contrast was incredibly sexually appealing to the bull.  It really was why he planned to buy her for his Pleasure Herd. She would be an incredible temptation to any bull including him if she was bent over a block with her pink sex presented for his viewing pleasure and more. Captain Bo could think of many cows who would find the sight irresistibly erotic as well.

Captain Bo smiled. He would give into Isabella's temptations.

Captain Bo reversed his grip on the feather and began to draw the edge along Isabella’s right tit.  She groaned as much in sexual desire as anything else.  He bent over until his muzzle was near her cunt.  He watched her sex swell and subside as he continued to inflate and deflate the dildo sunk fully in her pussy.  Each time he left it just a little bit more inflated so it filled the feline femfur's cunt more and more with each passing minute.

After watching her cunt for several seconds Captain Bo gently blew on Isabella’s clit.

Isabella bolted as upright as the rack would allow her.

“Ah!  I see that got your attention," Captain Bo said with a bit of a snicker.

“I guess the rest of the things I have been doing got your clit’s attention.”

Isabella’s face burned.  It was true.  Her clit was standing up proud of her labia for the bull to clearly see.

“Leave me alone!” Isabella screamed at the top of her lungs.

Captain Bo paused for a moment in seeming consideration of her request and then replied, “No.”

Before Isabella could say anything more, Captain Bo vigorously flicked the tip of the feather back and forth over Isabella’s clit.  It swelled to twice its former size.  Isabella threw back her head and roared as waves of pleasure ran through her body as the bull used the feather to give her an orgasm that seemed to stretch on and on forever.

Captain Bo watched Isabella.  Her nectar flowed around the inflatable dildo and puddled on the rack beneath her hips.  He leaned forward a bit and licked up some of her dew.  He savored her exotic taste.  It was so different from the taste of the cows in his Pleasure Herd. He was looking forward to long winter evenings spent beside a roaring fire slurping it down. From the amount the leopardess was putting out there should be enough for the entire herd.

When Isabella was finally reduced to a quivering mass of black fur the bull stopped his play and stood up.  He set down the feather but left the dildo almost completely hidden inside her cunt.  It was still well inflated and pressed hard against Isabella’s inner recesses. A small bulge was now clearly visible in her lower abdomen.

Captain Bo grabbed Isabella’s jaw and forced the drained black leopardess to look him in the face.

“There, that was not so bad now, was it?” he asked her.  She did not respond, but the scent of her climax permeating the entire room and the puddle of her cunt juices between her legs were more eloquent than any words she might have said.

“Now it is my turn,” the bull informed the helpless leopardess.

Isabella looked down at the bull’s crotch.  His cock was fully erect now.  It was a monster.  Her face contorted in fear.

“Don’t worry, pretty one.  We’ll save deflowering you until I actually own you and have you in my Pleasure Garden.  My cows will want to watch, and it is something you can look forward to as well.

“Right now I want to have some more fun with your titties!”

Captain Bo climbed up onto the table and straddled Isabella’s waist.  He grabbed her breasts in his powerful paws and began to knead them. Her nipples which had begun to relax suddenly swelled back up to hard nubs that poked Captain Bo's palms with every squeeze.

“Open your mouth.”

Stubbornly Isabella refused.

Captain Bo painfully squished Isabella’s breasts between his powerful fingers.  She screamed in pain.

“Now keep your mouth open unless you want me to hurt you more,” the bull said in a tone of authority. Isabella had no doubt that Captain Bo was prepared to make her suffer if she continued to fight him.

Isabella glared up at the bull balefully, but her mouth remained open.

Captain Bo dropped his hard pink shaft into the valley between Isabella’s large breasts.  He pressed them together around his cock to form a warm, fur-lined tunnel.

"That’s much better.  Now stay still.”

Isabella did as ordered.  Anxiously she stared at the tip of the huge shaft moving in and out as the bull thrust his hips back and forth.  She could feel every strong beat of his racing heart through the large veins of his member.

“I’m getting close,” the bull said after several minutes.  “Keep your mouth open and swallow every drop of my cum!”

Isabella’s eyes widened.  This bull would probably produce a tremendous amount of jism.  How could she possibly hope to get it all?

Worse, she hated the taste of hot male seed.

Isabella did not have time to think.  With a loud grunt Captain Bo cut loose.  A large glob of milky white jism shot into Isabella’s waiting mouth.  Desperately she swallowed the hot, salty fluid.

The bull continued to spurt jism for many seconds.  Isabella’s mouth was filled to overflowing with his cum despite her desperate attempts to gulp down his ejaculate.  It started to dribble down her chin and cheeks.  The bull seemed to take no notice.  He kept cumming strong.

As he reached the end of his orgasm Captain Bo’s aim suffered, and he painted her entire face with sticky white globs of his sperm before the torrent finally ended.

After taking some time to recover his wind the bull got off the table.  He looked down at Isabella's face and laughed.

“You look like you were looking up at the birds all day!”

Isabella swallowed enough of his cum to talk again.

“You damn bastard!  You fucking-“

Captain Bo placed his right index finger on the tip of Isabella’s muzzle.  She fell silent.

“Before you say anything more, I have a small question to ask you.

“Do you really want to piss of someone who will have absolute control of you and your body for the rest of your life?”

Captain Bo removed his finger.  Isabella glared at him, but she remained silent.

“Spunky, sexy, good looking and smart!

“You are going to make one hell of an addition to my Pleasure Herd!” Captain Bo said enthusiastically.

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