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During the Canine-Feline War both sides often used brutal interrogation techniques. This is one such torture session…

Tanzi's platoon had been ambushed while on patrol by a superior Feline Army force. They had killed or wounded most of Tanzi's fellow canine soldiers before forcing the rest to surrender. The prisoners had been stripped, force marched back to a feline base, and put into cells

The black furred canine femfur had spent the night curled up naked in a cold, dark, damp cell that was only three feet by three feet by three feet. She could not find a comfortable position regardless of how she tried, so she spent a restless night as her body slowly cramped.

In the morning five male feline guards came for Tanzi. They pulled her from the cell. She tried to fight back, to somehow escape their clutching paws, but they were too strong. She nearly whimpered in fear during the walk down the hall past her fellow prisoners.

Tanzi did not know where they were taking her, but every soldier knew what would happen if they were captured. More often than not the lucky canines were the dead canines.

The door at the end of the hallway opened, and Tanzi was taken into a poorly lit room. She looked around. There were hooks and chains hanging from the ceiling and rings set in the walls and floors. The far wall was hidden by a heavy curtain draped across the width of the room. In front of the curtain waited a male tiger.

The tiger walked up to Tanzi and asked, "Where is your base?"

Tanzi instinctively responded, "PFC Tanzi Setter, Serial Number ARF18003283, and that is all you are going to get from me, bastard!"

Tanzi was shocked and confused when the tiger practically purred, "Fine. I will not ask you again for any other information.

"I have other uses for you this morning."

The tiger pulled back the curtain.

There was a large copper tub on the other side. It was about eight feet by eight feet and a foot and a half deep. On the left was a water faucet. On the right was a drain.

"Prepare her!" the tiger ordered the guards.

With considerable enthusiasm and large grins the guards walked her over to the tub. Once at the tub she could see four metal manacles bolted to the bottom of the tub. The walls of the tub were almost an inch thick.

One of the guards handcuffed her paws behind her. She was forced to bend over the tub. The cold metal cut into her belly. The jaguar holding her down pressed the right side of her face into the bottom of the tub with his left paw. She tried to wriggle free or at least relieve the pressure to no avail.

While one guard kept her bent over, two of the other guards grabbed her ankles and spread her legs painfully wide.

From somewhere around her ass Tanzi heard a fourth guard say, "Luckily for you we found that high conductivity grease works better than no lubrication. It makes things going in a little easier.

"Not that you are going to appreciate it in a few minutes!"

For some reason all five guards laughed.

Tanzi was too distracted to wonder why. She felt something cold and metallic pressing against her anus. She screamed and tried to break free as a large blunt object was forced up her tail hole. Tears from the pain of her anus being violated streamed from her eyes.

Once the butt plug was in place the guard forced a large metal dildo into Tanzi's cunt.

"Put her in!"

Tanzi was lifted and tossed into the tub. She thrashed about violently and actually got a leg free for a moment. A hard blow to the head stunned her long enough for the felines to remove her handcuffs and secure her spread-eagled in the bottom of the tub facing upwards. Her tail was trapped underneath her painfully.

Sharp pain from her nipples brought her back to full awareness. The ocelot and cheetah were securing heavy clamps with sharp teeth to her nipples. They were using their needle-sharp claws to pull up her nipples before tightening the jaws of the clamps shut.

The puma guard plugged cables into the butt plug and dildo. Tanzi was getting worse and worse feelings about what was in store for her and almost regretted not telling the tiger what he wanted.

Tanzi looked down the length of her naked body. The tiger wheeled a console of some sort over and placed it at the foot of the tub. The other guards plugged the cables into jacks on the back of the console while the tiger attached a large battery clip to the tub side. A heavy electrical cable was run from the clip to the console.

The serval guard plugged a very heavy power cord into an outlet and brought the other end over to the console. He plugged it into the side of the console. Seeing Tanzi watching him, the serval male grinned at her wickedly. Tanzi felt cold shivers running up and down her spine.

The tiger went to a cabinet and brought out a large cattle prod. It had two needlelike points and a button on the handle to activate it. When she saw it Tanzi screamed.

The tiger just laughed as he plugged the cattle prod into the console and set it down on the metal table supporting the console.

The ocelot appeared by Tanzi's head and poured two full containers of salt into the tub beside her head. Some got into her eyes causing them to water.

"Did I get something in your eyes?" the guard asked with feigned concern.

"Here, let me wash it out!"

The ocelot turned the handle on the faucet above Tanzi's head. A torrent of water erupted from the spout. It struck the tub rather than her head, but the splatter rapidly covered her face and upper torso with water.

Tanzi shivered. The water was freezing.

Tanzi lay still as the water quickly rose about her prone and secured body. It was well up her muzzle before the ocelot turned off the spigot.

Tanzi was left submerged except for the tip of her nose and breasts.

Sound was muffled, but Tanzi could hear something going on in the room. The sound persisted for many minutes. There seemed to be voices shouting and screams. Tanzi was just glad no one seemed to be paying attention to her at the moment.

Quiet descended.

Pain erupted in Tanzi's rectum. Electric current flowed from the metal butt plug in her ass through her body and into the copper tub.

Tanzi opened her mouth to scream. Salt water rushed in. In horror she realized that she would drown if she screamed!

The pain in her ass stopped but was instantly replaced with an even greater one in her right breast. Tanzi grasped her paws into tight fists and desperately fought against the pain. Her left nipple seemed to catch fire as electricity ran through her tender mammary.

There was a two second pause, and then the metal dildo was turned on. The current was far greater than the other electrodes. Her vaginal muscles contracted uncontrollably about the unyielding metal. Despite her best efforts, Tanzi screamed in shock and raw pain.

Water rushed into her mouth, around her scream, down her trachea and into her lungs.

Tanzi was drowning!

The canine femfur coughed and tried to get the water out even as the electric current in her cunt intensified, but coughing only brought more and more water rushing into her lungs. She had almost passed out when her left paw was released. A large paw lifted her out of the water into a position half sitting, half lying on her right side. A hard blow between her shoulder blades brought a sudden jet of water from her mouth and nose. Her back hurt now, but Tanzi could breathe.

Dimly Tanzi was aware of a dozen or so naked canine captives hanging from the ceiling. The guards were moving between them with tasers and forcing them to watch Tanzi's torture.

The tiger grabbed Tanzi's muzzle and bent her head back.

"Next time we let you drown," he growled.


Somehow Tanzi managed to nod yes.

The tiger forced Tanzi back underneath the water and re-secured her left paw. There was five seconds of blessed relief from pain before the electricity started to flow through her body again. The tiger turned it up much, much higher this time. Tanzi's body arched as her muscles contracted uncontrollably. Lights seemed to erupt in her eyeballs. Pain racked her body as well.

Tanzi was not sure how long the torment lasted. It seemed like forever, but it was likely only thirty minutes or so.

The current stopped. Tanzi waited for it to resume, but nothing happened. As control of her body slowly returned, she realized she was hearing the low rumble of the tiger's voice off to her right. He was apparently talking to the other prisoners.

There was a dual prick in Tanzi's right forearm. She tried to pull her arm away, but before she could electricity erupted from the tines of the cattle prod. Her body arched in pain again as her torture resumed.

The torture was slower paced now. Tanzi would feel the jab of the cattle prod into her flesh. There was a short pause as she waited, and then the current would flow and her body would jump about uncontrollably. Interspersed with the jolts from the cattle prod were random shots through the electrodes still connected to her tits and buried in her pussy and tail hole.

The tiger shocked every part of Tanzi's exposed body. He started with her arms and then her paws. He moved to her lower legs and on to the bottoms of her feet. He ran the cattle prod up and down her soles with the current flowing so she was forced to curl her feet around the implement of her torture.

Her torturer moved back up and worked on the outside of her legs and her sides before attacking her belly. He augmented the current from the cattle prod with the tit electrodes as he ran the cattle prod through her cleavage.

Tanzi was surprised how much it hurt to have her throat and face shocked. It was a bit of knowledge she could have lived without learning.

Next the tiger repeatedly jabbed the cattle prod into Tanzi's abused breasts. She was sure he was drawing plenty of blood. Each time he pushed the button she would flounce about uncontrollably and tear her breast wounds open. The extra jolts through her nipples did not help her situation at any either.

Tanzi felt the two electrodes of the cattle prod placed on either side of her clit. She almost screamed as the current was turned on again. This time it did not stop but seemed to go on and on and on. Her convulsions drove the sharp ends of the cattle prod deep into her sensitive flesh. Vaguely she was aware of the other four electrodes coming to life and sending massive amounts of current through her body.

Somehow Tanzi managed not to pass out or drown herself despite excruciating pain and the loss of muscle control. She desperately wanted the torture to stop one way or another, though.

Almost in answer to her silent plea the current racing through her body ceased. There was a sound of someone fiddling around in the tub and then a rush of water as the tub drained.

Tanzi lay in the tub shaking. She had no control over her body. She still felt echoes of the electricity racking her body and the very real pain it had left behind. She felt as weak as a newborn pup as well.

When the water was completely drained Tanzi regained her senses enough to realize that the only sound was the gentle crying and panting of several canines. She weakly turned her head to the right and saw them still hanging not far from her. They had all had ringside seats to her sadistic torment.

The tiger handed a piece of paper to a new feline. He appeared to be an officer.

"Here is the information you wanted, Captain, as promised."

"Good work, Inquisitor," the lion said before leaving.

The tiger looked at the hanging canines. There was a smear of contempt on his muzzle. He glanced at Tanzi. The smear left his muzzle, but it was replaced by a dreadful smile.

"Take this one out. You may enjoy her for as long as you wish. When you are done take the captives back to their cells."

The tiger left. The guards watched the door close. They turned to Tanzi with broad smiles on their muzzles.

Tanzi was powerless to resist as they undid her manacles. They took her from the tub and lay her over the tub side again. This time they put her wrists into the manacles to hold her down. Her face and breasts were pressed into the cold, wet copper tub.

Behind her the guards were doing something. Suddenly the serval cried out in joy.

"Alright! I get first dibs!"

Tanzi felt the dildo in her cunny pulled out. The serval was grunting from the effort because her muscles were still tightly contracted about it.

"Damn! She is going to be one tight bitch!" the serval exclaimed.

Once the dildo was out Tanzi heard a belt being undone. There was a sound of a zipper being lowered, and then her tail was pushed off to her left.

The serval mounted her hard and fast. He forced his hard cock into her unnaturally tight pussy. At first the invasion barely registered with Tanzi's body, but as the serval's cock further filled and his barbs came out to painfully bite into the inner recesses of her vagina the pain began to register loudly. She screamed just as the serval's jism erupted from the tip of his dick and coated the inside of her pussy.

"She screams just like a queen in heat!" the serval said as he finished with a few last thrusts.

There was a momentary break, and then one by one each of the other guards mounted her. Sperm and blood mixed to coat the interior of her vagina and cervix. It leaked out past her labia to create rivulets of fluid running down her inner thighs and eventually falling to the floor in big drops. Her throat grew sore from her continual screaming as she was forced into heat for the five guards.

Tanzi felt the puma pull out the butt plug. Irrationally she thought her torture and rape were finally over. Instead the feline male shoved his cock into her tail hole with one enormous thrust. She screamed yet again as she felt the sharp barbs of the cat's cock jab the inside of her anus as he withdrew.

Tanzi's rape continued for two hours or more. As with her torture, the other canines were forced to watch. If they turned their heads away a paw would close on a breast of testicle and squeeze until the canine's eyes were back on the action. Repeat offenders drew a taser shock to their crotch or anal regions.

Finally the guard's bodies could no longer continue. They pulled on their clothes. Tanzi was left draped lifelessly over the edge of the copper tub as the other dozen or so canines were let down and taken back to their cells. When they were all gone, Tanzi was released. She slumped to the floor unable to stand after all the abuse she had endured. She was so numb a kick did nothing to stir her.

The guards handcuffed her paws behind her. The cheetah and the ocelot grabbed her by her upper arms and half dragged, half carried her back to her cell at the far end of the hallway. Even in her stupor she realized that all of the other canines were staring at her through the tiny openings in their cells. She was sure that they were all thinking that it could have been them, being grateful it was not, and praying that it would not be them sometime soon.

The guards tossed Tanzi into her cell without bothering to remove her handcuffs. They forced her body into a sitting fetal position, closed the door and left.

In the darkness tears of pain and shame streamed down Tanzi's muzzle to fall on her breasts and chest.

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