Lance Foxx's Page of FURRY Comics!

Some of the following comics can be really violent, overly graphic, and deal with sexual content.
They can also be really strange and/or deal with dark themes that are just not suitable for young children.
I'm not going to seperate what's adult and what's not so be aware that by accessing these comics through my webpage,
you'll be taking your chances with what you get. Mature readers past this point is strongly recommended...

"Alpha-Shade," ~ by Joseph Brudlos

"Black Tapestries," "Crimson Fury," & "The Realm of Kaerwyn," ~ by Shana Pinkelton

"A Doemain of Our Own" ~ by Susan M. Parkin

"Free Fall," ~ by Mark Stanley

Also Available in Color! Click here...

"Gene Catlow," ~ by Albert Temple & Tawana Gilroy

"In A Perfect World," ~ by Ara Karaath

"Kevin & Kell," ~ by Bill Holbrook

"Newshounds," ~ by Thomas K. Dye

"Ozy & Millie," ~ by D.C. Simpson

"Roomies," ~ by Flinthoof

"The Suburban Jungle," ~ by John "The Gneech" Robey

Subject To Change or Apartment 81

Coming soon by Lance Foxx

West Corner of the Park

by Jim Groat

...and a few of the main-stream comics I like.

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