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Welcome to FUR-LO! My Fan-made Halo related Comic. Many of the sinarios represented are based whole or in part on my experiences while playing the now well known game in Co-Op mode with my brother. Keep in mind that this comic IS rated at PG due to random swearing and mild violence. Enjoy and feel free to tell other Halo-Lovin' furs about this comic! However, please remember that All artwork herein  and characters are Tina Leyk unless otherwise stated. I do not want to find out it's being used on any other site or for any other purpose without my written concent! HALO and all related characters and such are Bungie and Microsoft....just to make that clear. This is a FAN made comic, I don't make any money doing this. Please keep that in mind. Updates are random, since I draw it when ever I feel like it, not via a schedule.

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  CRIMSON :                     JAXX :

 Crimson's Bio'              Jaxx's Bio'              




"Get a Better Gun!"        "Bullet Time Glitch."     "Don't Poke Dead Things!"       "Re-Spawn Byotch."

 Get A Bigger Gun....            Bullet Time Glitch              Dont Poke Dead Things                    Respawn Byotch


"WartHog Jumpin' Fun."                        

 WartHog Jump Page 1 1  Warthog Jump Page Two 2   Warthog Jump Page Three 3   Warthog Jump Page FourWarthot Jump Page 5 5                     


"In Need of Some Lovin'."          "Goin' for a Ride."                " New Toys."                "Keyes the Zit."

 In Need of Some Lovin'.                       Goin For A Ride               New Toys            Keyes the Zit


Fur-Lo Halloween Special 2003:   "DOOMED!" 

  Halloween Special, Page One. 1      Halloween Special, Page Two.   2   Halloween Special, Page Three 3


"Jaxx's New Pet."                "Sneaky Jaxx."              "The Way it SHOULD be!"                     "FAN GIRLS!"

 Jaxx's New Pet             Sneaky Jaxx                The Way it SHOULD have been!                     Fur_lo_fangirls.jpg (137648 bytes)


"FETCH!"                       "Mission Invisible."      "Mishaps with Grenades..."         "We ALL were thinkin' it..."

FETCH!            Mission Invisible.               Mishaps with Grenades...                            Fur_lo_worstlineever.jpg (155907 bytes)   


"He's Got A Point."            "Priceless..."

fur_lo_hes_got_a_Point.jpg (143216 bytes)           fur_lo_priceless.jpg (139935 bytes)


Online Fun: RvB...gotta love CTF and Team Slayer.   

~ Characters their players. Used with permission:  Callyfin, Pheonix, Dracothrope, Shadow, Sethrik, Elderath.

  "Chose a team, Any team..."                "Gotta love snowy levels!"                   "1337 Crimson!"                   "DBZ-Lag"  

        Choose a Team! Red vs Blue!!!                                 Gotta love Snowy Levels!                       1337 Crimson!                  DBZ Lag!

"Corpse Humping...the Beginning."             "No Bullets Required."

       Corpse Humping, the Beginning.                                     No Bullets Required.  


GUEST ARTISTS: Art drawn as gifts by close friends.

"Revenge is a Sweet thing..."             "Respawn Byotch Fun."                        "Pink!"   

       By CallyFin                                       By Iatro                                   By Fugiri-shi

    Revenge is a Sweet thing -By Callyfin                          furlo_by_tro.jpg (238602 bytes)                             Pink_by_Fugiri_Shi.jpg (954260 bytes) *new*


FurLo Wallpaper Art:


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All artwork herein is 2000-03 Tina M. Leyk and may NOT be used on any other site or for any other purpose without the concent of the artist. To report art-theft, ask questions, or leave comments relating to this comic,  please email the artist at fur_lo (at) yahoo.com. Halo and related characters Bungie Studios and Microsoft!!!