Feral: Denial

She felt the table thump just in front of her and then creak ominously under her paws and knees as the wolf leaped up. There was a heat beside her now, and the smell of him was in her nostrils, strong and musky. She could feel his cold nose upon her here and there as he walked the length of the table; he took in her scent with quick, perfunctory little darts of his muzzle at her shoulder, her ribs, her stomach, her hips. Squeaking, she cringed in upon herself, still refusing to open her eyes.

Mason and Jimmy were panting audibly across the room as they watched, making soft sounds of encouragement. The feel of a cold nose probing below her little cotton tail made her gasp, eyes flying open and head craning back. "No! Please. Please!" she cried softly, tears tracking through her fur and off the end of her nose. Jake still had his hackles raised, eyes fixed on her as he snuffled at her tailhole. He growled softly and continually at her outburst, making her regret it instantly. Getting this feral wolf angry with her when she was so perfectly vulnerable was the last thing she wanted.

His cold, wet nose was suddenly raking across her little pucker and down between her legs, hot air flowing over her virgin sex as he snuffled her scent in. She cried out again, drawing in a sharp breath and closing her eyes, biting down hard on her lower lip. The rolling growl faded into a whine as Jake's nose came away wet, shiny slick with her juices.

Suddenly he was licking, lapping his long tongue over her barely furred cunny and then burrowing deeper, sliding it between the slick little lips and up over her clit as his cold nose buried itself against her tailhole. She screeched, gasping in surprise and throwing herself forward -- away from the wolf lapping at her sex. She got about an inch or so before she was brought up short with a jolt, her forward rocking body only serving to urge Jake onward.

His tongue curled, raspy and hot as it flicked and lapped between her folds. Mason and Jimmy had fallen completely silent. She cracked an eye, turning toward them to beg for help, whimpering. Her plea fell from her trembling lips before it was uttered -- Jimmy and Mason were quiet because they were staring, too busy drooling at the sight of she and Jake to do much else. Their hands were wrapped about each other's cocks, but even these had fallen still.
She looked back at Jake, eyes narrowing to slits of denial, still releasing tears as she watched him. His velvety soft ears were laid back, his own eyes closed now, his entire head moving as he focused upon lapping at her cunny. A shudder ran the length of her body -- she could see his tongue darting out and disappearing between her legs as she watched.

Her body was responding, an unaccustomed heat growing between her legs as Jake licked at her with animal abandon. She shook her head no and whimpered pathetically, squeezing her eyes shut again and turning away from the sight. Jake's tongue dug in deeper, curling around her clit, burrowing through her folds but never sliding into her -- the angle was wrong. She shook her head, harder this time, body trembling with arousal and denial, yet no fear -- there wasn't room for fear.

Making a choking sound, she formed her fingers into fists, damning herself as she felt her hips tilting backward, tilting up toward Jake's muzzle as he lapped at her sex. She opened her eyes and looked back, hearing him growl softly, perhaps sensing her growing arousal. He redoubled his efforts -- his nose pressed against the little ring of muscles under her cotton ball tail as if he were trying to force it right into her. Long tongue flying rapidly, he whined and then extended his neck, finally sliding it right up inside her.

She moaned softly, eyes simply closing with the sudden pleasure thrilling through her shuddering body as Jake took her with his tongue, plunging it deep into her and then sliding it through her cunny lips to tease at her clit again. It occurred to her, somewhere down deep, that perhaps he was acting with more intelligence than was warranted in your average every day wolf, but these thoughts were pushed from her mind as she felt a paw brushing at her cheek -- it was Mason.

He was standing there before her, hand on his rock hard cock. Jimmy was blocked from sight. The wolf-morph was looking down at her, half grinning, half smiling, his eyes blazing bright with arousal. She whimpered softly at the sight of him, feeling Jake's tongue curling around up inside her young pussy, probing at her virginity. Parting her lips, she was about to say something and then just stopped, her eyes filling with tears. Mason continued to softly pet at her cheek, stroking his cock with the fingers of his other paw.

The feral wolf was gone, and the absence of that hot, wet tongue crashed in on her immediately. It felt as if she were no longer whole, as if something was missing, something she desparately needed. She felt only cold air flowing over her wet cunny now, nothing more. She turned her head, whimpering with need instead of fear or revulsion, looking for Jake.

He had pulled back from her as he had noticed Mason, and was now staring at the other wolf, black lips pulled back in a snarl. Mason just continued to softly pet her, making soft, soothing noises to Jake as she watched. Slowly, the feral wolf lowered his lips back over his teeth, tongue lolling out in a pant, lower jaw dropping. He moved forward again and lowered his head to her sex, eyes pinned on Mason over the top of her pressed back ears, and then darted his tongue out again.

She cried out softly and thrust her hips back, surprising herself with the intensity of her desire. Could she actually want this feral, wild wolf to lick her down there? It didn't seem to matter, her body was throbbing with need, acting of its own will now. She turned back to Mason, face filled with shame. He smiled down at her, brushing the hair back from her forehead, still stroking his huge shaft with his free paw.

She actually smiled in response, if only slightly, somehow comforted by him being there and accepting her. It was twisted and sick and wrong, but how could something that felt this good actually be bad? She shivered and dropped her head forward, long ears lowering to the side as she began to pant. Jake was working back up to a frenzy again, his tongue darting deep inside her over and over as she gasped for breath.

Suddenly, the tongue was gone again, but before she had a chance to react she felt rough, non-morphic paws on her hips. Eyes going wide, she turned her head, gasping at the sight of Jake rearing up to mount her. His thick shaft hung heavy below his body, bobbing as he walked forward on his back legs. It disappeared from view and a second later she felt it probing at her wet entrance. The wolf's chest settled down to rest silken soft and heavy upon her back.

He gripped her with his forelegs and began blindly thrusting, tongue lolling out, drool dripping over her shoulder blades as he sought out her tight opening. She cried out softly, fear crowding in on her all of a sudden at the outrageousness of this whole situation. "No! NO! I won't! Please!" she shrieked, spinning her head about to beg Mason.

He shook his head slowly to her, softly stroking her cheek again as she felt Jake probing. She tried to close her legs, to move, to do something to stop him, but his probes and thrusts were getting irrevocably closer to hitting home. He growled and gripped down on her painfully with his forelegs, dull black claws digging into her sides as he thrust forward more violently before.

She felt Jake's cock tearing into her before she realized it was done -- a feral wolf had just roughly stolen her virginity. She cried softly, sobs and shudders wrenching her body as her pussy throbbed and pulsed around Jake's length, welcoming it hungrily. He whined as he took her, resting his muzzle between her shoulders, his drool running down over her neck.

She drew her tongue over suddenly dry lips and opened her eyes sightlessly, trying to get used to the feeling. It wasn't even painful anymore, just a dull aching sensation being rapidly overtaken by the pleasure of Jake thrusting into her over and over.

Something was pressing against her lips, hard yet soft and faintly salty. She blinked several times and found her vision completely filled by the sight of soft, silky grey pubic fur and the raging hardon Mason had been coaxing right in front of her only moments before. He had stepped close when she was distracted, pressing the head against her lips. His paw was guiding it now, rubbing it back and forth, spreading salty wet precum over them.

She tried to look up at him, to crane her neck, but couldn't manage it and didn't even care. Jake was pounding away at her now, sending lightning bolts of pleasure coiling into her body. Mason's paw fell to the back of her neck, and then he was pushing forward -- his cock leading the way. It pressed against her slick, parted lips and then slipped in between, bumping against her teeth. She tried to shake her head, to pull away, but found she couldn't move -- his paw was holding her head in place and the shackles took care of the rest.